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January 4, 2017

December 31, 2016

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My New LA Business: Capture Memories on Video for #SeniorCitizens

December 6, 2013

I recently completed Your Other Dream Job with actors advocate, Dallas Travers. It was an eight week/six module course that really helped me break down my idea for a business and then set up my business across the board, to attract my dream clients looking for what I have to offer. 


It's one thing to be an actor, but its another thing to be an actor+entrepreneur. If you're an actor, you already know that you have to balance a J-O-B, while trying to make the time to get to auditions during the day. It definitely takes some juggling. That's why I've always been interested in being my own boss, doing something I LOVE, so I can take the middle man out of the equation when I needed to.  


I enrolled in Your Other Dream Job and hit the ground running with a number of other actors all over the world. Most of them were in NY and LA, but no matter where they were, we worked! There were SO many break-through moments during the course. I realized that I could combine my current job, working with senior citizens as a caregiver, with my love for making short films. That's when I came up with my videography business Capture Memories on Video!


Capture Memories on Video provides video biographies and special occasion videos to senior citizens 60+ in Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas. 


How many seniors do you have in your family who would love to leave their legacy and life story behind in a professionally-produced video biography? These videos help families stay informed of their history because many children of seniors don't know much about their family history unless it's broken down on an explainable platform. It's also a great way to educate younger family members of different time periods. 


It's also never too late to celebrate your seniors' milestones. Is there a senior family member looking to celebrate their 90th birthday? a 50th wedding anniversary? live in Los Angeles, Ca and surrounding areas? If so, these are just a couple of special occasions that would touch a senior's heart, to have captured on video, to be rewatched at their leisure. I know from personal experience how much seniors enjoy watching themselves and those they love and appreciate on videoThere's always too much going on during an event to remember everything. It's a senior's milestone celebration, so why not give them this gift?


Just because you're an actor doesn't mean that you have to let your other gifts and talents go to waste. There are many people who need what you have to offer. Take some time to think about what you're good at. Brainstorm how you can develop that into a business. If you're not very confident on that, you can look into Your Other Dream Job when it opens up again, OR you can visit your local Small Business Adminstration and SCORE for help. That's Free!


It's creeping closer and closer to the end of 2013, so let's take our acting career to the next level, while serving others using the gifts and talents we have, in a business of our own. You'll love yourself for it.


What gift or talent do you have that you would love to develop into a business? Leave me a comment below.


Good Luck!

Selena B.



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