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January 4, 2017

December 31, 2016

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My Dream Board for 2014

January 10, 2014


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.-Walt Disney @ActorSelenaB <=Tweet This


My Dream Board for 2014


Last night, I completed my Dream Board for 2014, following along in my 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Life + Biz Edition Workbook by Leonie Dawson. I can't remember the last time I actually did a dream board. I've heard SO much about them though. I believe the whole Pinterest platform channels that idea a lot. So, I settled down and did my dream board for my life goals in 2014.


As you take a look at my dream board, you will see that I have:


  • Prosperity of money are on there, which is always a blessing to have. With money, it's not all about being the wealthiest in the world, but being able to use it wisely. On my dream board I have Warren Buffett, who has done amazing things with his wealth. I have the book, Tap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on Practically Everything, 1966-2013, which is about his successful career building Berkshire Hathaway. Whether booking an acting job, entreprenueral endeavor, or a 9-5 job, you should be happy doing it and making money too.


  • I'm getting more educated on commercial modeling so I would like to book print jobs this year after my Model Now Bootcamp in February. I put some print models on my board to remind me of those goals. This would be an exciting addition to my commercial bookings this year. I can't wait!


  • In the workbook, it mentioned having time cut out for a creative and soulful retreat. Leonie mentions to set a particular date and time, the location, and what you will do there. I decided to take a mini 4 day cruise this year and have been looking at different destinations. I'm just about ready to book the plans, so that will be done in advance of this year's surprises. I sometimes can seriously be about all work and no play, but I'm committed this year to taking care of myself as well the external responsibilities. On my dream board I have a photo of a cruise ship and it mentions my birthday and the words "plan the trip" to remind me. I am hoping to go horseback riding and visit some wineries as well, while on my trip. I put those pictures on my dream board also.


  • Health is important to me. I have realized that I have to keep with my healthy lifestyle because my body just can't handle the binge eating or too much junk food. I've experienced heart burn like nobody's business these past couple of months, so I've finally figured out what foods, so far, are triggering it. I had my physical for the year and I'm A okay! My doctor also prescribed something for my heartburn and I'm feeling great now. So, I've learned my lesson and will stick to the foods I eat on a regular basis, that are healthy and compliment me. On my dream board, I put the words 'exercise', 'peace of mind', 'a healthy balance', and 'plenty of sleep', to trigger reminders of those goals.


  • ​Networking this year is important to me, but with progressive results. I enjoy sharing my time with people and learning from others. On my dream board, I have a picture of some ladies having a get-together over a meal. I added a couple of seniors since that's who I work with on my job and who will be my clients for my small business. I also have the words, 'connections', 'in partnership with', and 'customers'.


  • Self-motivating words are on my board as well. In the workbook, Leonie mentions to choose words that will lift you up, inspire you, and help to draw into your life what you are looking for in this year of 2014. I added to my dream board, 'Never give up', 'transform', 'strengthen', 'keep climbing', 'This is Your Time', and 'I love my brain'.


As you can see, I really took this assignment in the workbook very seriously. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and we learn from all our experiences, good or bad. So, why not use a dream board in 2014 to focus on the things you 'want' and not what you don't. I find that positive thinking has a leg up on it's negative counterpart. Don't let negativity stop you this year from creating your dream board.


If you're interested in the 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Life + Biz Edition Workbook, you can learn more here.



If you're working on a dream board for 2014, to help focus your thoughts on your acting career, or professional career, then share the link with me in a comment below so I can take a look at it. 



May your dreams manifest themselves during the year,


Selena B.



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