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January 4, 2017

December 31, 2016

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Manifest Your 'Unstoppable' 2015 Joining Me and Create Your Shining Year (Workbook Info Inside)

December 7, 2014

Wow! I have had an AMAZING 2014 and I must give a portion of the credit to the '2014 Create Your Amazing Year Workbook' by Leonie Dawson. I learned about this workbook at the end of January and read ALL of the success stories, but was still a little skeptical, but that quickly changed.


I decided to commit to this workbook and complete all of its pages for my Life + Business and BOY, I can say that it truly helped me to reach some SERIOUS goals. 


Some of the goals I had for 2014 was to:

  • Book more commercials and print work -- That took on legs of it's own when I booked a Verizon print job and then it was upgraded to a SAG commercial, from those prints. Then I booked a couple more commercials, even one in San Diego!! How cool!

  • I am officially the owner of my PT Cruiser from my hardwork, creatively, called Miracle, I know, yes, I named my car. Don't you? more car payment! YES, Please! 

  • I was able to clear out a lot of extra expenses that I had for years since pursuing my career goals, here in Los Angeles, but no more of that!

  • I completed another short film, using my own equipment and attracted the help I needed when the time was right

  • I learned about the eCommerce industry, which spotlighted my entrepreneurial side. What a ride that's been...learning and growing!

  • I took a 5-Day Cruise, which I didn't see coming when I first completed this workbook, but YES, I really needed that break and I truly enjoyed myself. I can't wait to manifest the next big vacation in 2015! Woo Hoo!!



From an actress perspective, I feel that by doing this workbook for 2014, I was able to 'not only' write down my 'many' goals for the year, but I was able to 'creatively' flush them out and see them manifest through the dream board activities, the one word for the year, the 100 Things to do in 2014 activity, there were just so many activities that I completed in January, in this workbook, that really helped me to focus my 'attention' and my 'intention' for success. Sometimes it's a really good thing to have a solid reference and guide that you can go to, for staying on track. Especially when you hit those walls and unexpected things enter into your life.



With all of that GREAT NEWS being said, the 2015 Create Your Shining Year workbook (in ebook as well) is ready for purchase!


I just purchased a hardcopy because I like to have a tangible workbook to write in and reference throughout the year. It is also available in ebook format for instant download to your computer and IPad. You can also write on the pages from your computer or smart pad and save your work for referencing later.


If you're interested in joining me on this 2015 Create Your Shining Year in 'Unstoppable' fashion.


I invite you to purchase your copy in hardcopy or instant ebook download!

Click Here


Want to hear from the author and see how the book looks inside? Watch the video below!


Manifest Your 'Unstoppable' 2015 Joining Me in Creating Your Shining Year


Much Success to you,

-Selena B.



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