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January 4, 2017

December 31, 2016

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Reflecting on 2016

December 31, 2016

2016 is officially coming to a close and I found myself reflecting on all of the things I have experienced this year, mostly for the better.



I have realized that in my acting career, there were creative experiences that gave me clarity and insight into who I am and what I want to contribute to the entertainment industry. I have been fortunate enough to book voice-over roles, get commercial jobs renewed, directed many web-series, performed in theater for the play, "Hurry Up and Wait", and started a weekly YouTube channel about things I enjoy doing in my life and spiritually, with my Story Time Sundays, Time with God.












I also became a Vegan, after being a vegetarian for 14 years. One day I just had an epiphany after going spiritually within and breaking down things in my life. After all of that, I started to see more content online about veganism and I realized that I was pretty much eating that way anyway, so I started in June of this year and it has been really easy for me. The transition was smooth for me, after I realized that there were seriously, SO many tasty foods to try and make at home that didn't require dairy or any meat products. I also think that it was easy for me because I was pretty much not eating meat or too much dairy though. I'll see how things continue to evolve in 2017.


When I moved into my new tiny apartment in Los Angeles, I realized that living a more minimal lifestyle was actually AWESOME! For me, my home is my place of peace. I can be having a bad day but when I come HOME, I reset and feel recharged and blessed. By having the things in my tiny apartment that I absolutely use on a daily basis, love, and enjoy, it makes clean up and staying organized SO much more easier. Not to mention, I also discovered TINY HOUSES on the DIY Network and HGTV, so I was hooked on the idea of living off-grid in a tiny home on wheels! That's adventurous and pretty neat! I think my new, tiny, apartment has given me insight into Tiny House living and what it would actually feel like on a daily basis. I LOVE IT! Maybe one day, I will actually get one built and find some land that approves of a Tiny House, to live on, off-grid! That would be something FUN to VLOG about!!!


 FYI: If you would like to watch my tiny apartment tour ONLY, forward to 4:16


I know that we also lost a lot of amazing, talented, people in the entertainment industry but those losses will empower and encourage us to be stronger. They all have left legacies that we will and can never forget. After our shock have passed and the tears of sadness, we will then have the opportunity to leave our own legacy for future generations before we pass on. 















Goodbye 2016.


And...I welcome 2017 with open arms, knowing that January 1st represents a sense of renewal within me and for all of us. We can begin again!!


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